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Twin Aluminum Trigger
Battle Phoenix with Twin Trigger
Product Code P-46
Type Trigger
Price 380円
Release Date(s)
Japan April 1998

The Twin Aluminum Trigger (Japanese: ツインアルミトリガー, Tsuin Arumi Torigā) is a PI Part. It released under Super B-Daman April 1998 in Japan for 380円.


As its name suggests, the Twin Aluminum Trigger is a unique Trigger featuring two rods (made of aluminum), unlike than one like most others. The additional springs and heavier weight allows for more force and easing the push. Also, it uses a large red Trigger pad made of rubber, resembling a shield. Its size not only compensates for the dual Triggers but to accommodate two fingers (commonly two thumbs) for a better grasp and performance on the B-Daman thanks to the rubber.

An alternate version, the JBA Long Aluminum Trigger, released with Ultimate Phoenix. Alongside longer red springs and rods, it includes a new orange Trigger pad in a triangular shape with the JBA logo on it.