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Pen-B Black (Japanese: ペンビーブラック, Penbīburakku) is a Rapid FIre-Type B-Daman in the Pen-B System. It was released on November 20th, 2010 in Japan only, and sold for 683円.


Pen-B Black, in the case of the BM-15 release, features a set of Smooth Hold Parts that allow for fast, rapid-fire shots. These unique Hold Parts are distinguished by the ridges on its outer areas, and rounded inner area.

Other Versions[]

  • Pen-B Black Clear Ver. - Semi-translucent recolor. Exclusive to the BM-05 Saturn Pen-B DX Set. NOTE: This version came out prior to the arrival of the BM-15 variant, and featured the standard Hold Parts.
  • Pen-B Black Clear Ver. Limited Metallic Seal Spec - Semi-translucent recolor of BM-15 version with metallic stickers. Exclusive to the Official Time Attack Field Set.
  • Pen-B Black Bronze Medal Ver. - 3rd Place tournament prize at the 2011 Winter World Hobby Fair. Metallic bronze coloration, black beak, feet, Trigger, and Smooth Hold Parts. Comes with a black B-Dama with the WBMA logo on it in bronze.





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