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Pen-B Blue (Japanese: ペンビーブルー, Penbīburū) is a Balance-Type Pen-B System B-Daman. It was released on August 28th, 2010 in Japan only, and sold for 682円. It is one of the first three B-Damans officially released in the Cross Fight B-Daman toyline, alongside Pen-B Red and Pen-B Green.


As one of the three Balance-Type B-Damans at the official start of the Cross Fight B-Daman toyline, you can expect it to have balanced capabilities in Power, Rapid Fire, and Control. It has an obvious penguin motif, considering that the toys are based on the comedy manga series A Penguin's Troubles, in which the main protagonist is a penguin. Like all subsequent Pen-B B-Damans, it can equip early Tune-Up Gear pieces such as the Straight Barrel and Power Manteau, as well as Custom Mail armor pieces for added capabilties.

Other Versions[]

  • Pen-B Blue Clear Ver. - Semi-translucent recolor. Exclusive to the Official Field Set and Hero Pen-B Blue DX Set.





  • Pen-B Blue has the same CBC number as the prototype.
  • On the backplate of its head (along with those of the other Pen-B B-Damans), the name Beckham is printed, referencing A Penguin's Troubles' main protagonist, Beckham Kinoshita.

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