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The Pen-B Prototype (Japanese: ペンビープロトタイプ, Penbīpurototaipu) is a limited edition B-Daman in the Pen-B System. It was only given out at the 2010 Summer World Hobby Fair in Japan to grade school students at the Cross Fight B-Daman booth.


Pen-B Prototype has the definite body style to be used in subsequent Pen-B B-Damans. It has a translucent body with blue eye stickers, a yellow penguin beak, and yellow feet. On the left side of its head is its CBC number, CBC-000. Like all other Pen-B B-Damans, it can equip and use Custom Mail armor pieces. It also features two yellow Hold Parts and a Trigger, which would also be inherited by Pen-B Blue.


As this is a B-Daman that was only given out at the 2010 Summer World Hobby Fair, this B-Daman is not going to be very easy to acquire for your collection. It may even be the rarest B-Daman ever in the Cross Fight B-Daman toyline.




  • It used the same product code and CBC number as Pen-B Blue.
  • It is also the very first B-Daman in the Cross Fight B-Daman toyline to use the CBC system used in the B-Ta 1Go arcade game. 

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