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Phoenix Grand Prix
ES042 PhoenixGrandPrix
English Phoenix Grand Prix
Japanese フェニックスグランプリ
Tournament Details
Structure Battle royal (preliminaries)
Single-elimination (finals)
Location Crestland
Season B-Daman Fireblast
Final Positions
Winner TBD
Runner-Up TBD
Started in Raising the Curtains! Phoenix Grand Prix
Finished in Showdown at the Summit! Kamon VS Kakeru!!
Spanned TBD

The Phoenix Grand Prix is a tournament in the B-Daman Fireblast anime. It is Crestland's first Grand Prix and is held to decide a new owner for Spike Phoenix. The Grand Prix began in Raising the Curtains! Phoenix Grand Prix.


At the end of Crush! Dark's Ambition!, the B-Masters revealed that the Phoenix Grand Prix would take place in Crestland. The winner of the Grand Prix would win Spike Phoenix.

The Grand Prix began with the preliminaries, which started in Raising the Curtains! Phoenix Grand Prix and ended in Ultimate Showdown! Ultimate Rising=Dracyan.

The Quarter-Finals began in I Won't Run Away! Genta VS Ryoma. From the preliminaries, eight B-Shots qualified for this round, being Kamon, Riki, Bakuga, Jenta, Roma, Novu, Samuru and Basara. A match between Jenta and Roma kicked off this round, with Roma coming out victorious.

Bakuga and Novu began their match in Unreliable Match, Naoya VS Byakuga. The match consisted of a moving Vertigo Spin target circling a dish. During the match, Raydra's B-Animal disappeared, leaving Bakuga to fight by himself. After a heated battle between the two, Bakuga emerged the winner.

In Unexpected Resurrection!? Spike=Phoenix!, the match between Riki and Basara began. The match utilized the Surge Strike machine used to hone Ultimate Drive Garuburn's skills. During the match, Spike Phoenix intervened, swapping places with Ultimate Rising Dracyan at one point and granting Riki the win.

In Looming Wall! Subaru & Dravise!, Kamon and Samuru had their match. Despite Samuru's burning desire to battle Riki in the final match, Kamon came out victorious after Spike Phoenix yet again intervened and scored Kamon the win.

The Semi-Finals began with A New Stage! The Semi-Final Kicks Off, with the matchups being Bakuga vs Riki, and Roma vs. Kamon. The match between Bakuga and Riki consisted of a Surge Strike field with fifteen sliders rather than five. In spite of Spike Phoenix intervening and powering up both Raydra and Dracyan, Riki and Dracyan walked away with the victory and a place in the Final.

Kamon and Roma's match began in Here at Last! The Fiery Showdown of Brothers. The match used an enlarged DX Break Bomber 7 field, with each point scored reducing a platform for a B-Shot to stand on. With Spike Phoenix intervening yet again, Kamon managed to defeat Roma, regaining his brother and causing Gillusion's B-Animal to disappear.

The final match between Riki and Kamon is set to begin in The Final Match! Phoenix Grand Prix.



The preliminaries were open to all B-Shots in the world and no form of entry was required. B-Shots were not required to participate from the start of the round and they could join the Grand Prix at any point.

The preliminaries involved B-Shots traversing the island, searching for Vertigo Spin targets to score points. When a target was hit, it would reveal any random number between 0 and 5 and give those points to the B-Shot. At the end of the preliminary session, the eight B-Shots with the most points would progress to the Finals.


The eight B-Shots with the most points in the preliminaries progressed to the finals. The matches were shuffled up, and chosen at random.

The game format chosen in the Finals is also chosen at random from Break Bomber, Vertigo Spin, Surge Strike and Meteor Bomber. If both B-Shots agree, custom rules can be implemented in matches as well.


B-Shot B-Daman Placed
Kamon Day Drive Garuburn Champion
Riki Ryugasaki Rising Dracyan Runner-up
Bakuga Shira Kreis Raydra Top 4
Roma Day Triple Gillusion Top 4
Jenta Kokuji Dashing Tankshell Top 8
Basara Kurochi Stream Drazeros Top 8
Novu Moru Force Dragren Top 8
Samuru Shigami Sonic Dravise Top 8
Sumi Inaba Lightning Rabbit Preliminaries
Reggie Mak Strike Cobra Preliminaries
Kaito Samejima Lightning Fin Preliminaries
Grizz Sukino Thunder Bearga Preliminaries
Simon Sumiya Mach Scorpio Preliminaries
Yuki Washimura Across Avian Preliminaries
Rudy Sumeragi WBMA Proto 01 Preliminaries
Ryan Tsunotsuki Dyna Tripress Preliminaries
Misuru Hachuka Slot Stinger Preliminaries
Ken Ogami Detonate Wolg Preliminaries
Various B-Shots Generic B-Daman Preliminaries


As of Here at Last! The Fiery Showdown of Brothers, the results are as follows:

Quarter finals Semi finals Final
 Novu Moru  L
 Bakuga Shira  W  
 Bakuga Shira  L
     Riki Ryugasaki  W  
 Riki Ryugasaki  W
 Basara Kurochi  L  
 Riki Ryugasaki  L
   Kamon Day  W
 Jenta Kokuji  L
 Roma Day  W  
 Roma Day  L
     Kamon Day  W  
 Kamon Day  W
 Samuru Shigane  L  


  • Excluding Smash Dragold as it has disappeared from existence, all four Dragon B-Shots qualify for the finals of this tournaments.
    • Similarly, all five B-Masters also qualify for the finals of the tournament.
  • This Grand Prix marks the first and only time a Grand Prix is held in Crestland.