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Platinum Wind (Japanese: プラチナウィンド, Purachina U~indo) is an anime-only B-Daman. It uses the Cartridge System and appears in the anime series, Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! owned by Feresu.

It it essentially a platinum version of Golden Thunder.

Cartridge Armor[]

Cartridge Helmet[]

The Cartridge Helmet has a very spiky and jagged design. Three horns sprout from the back of its face with one resting on what seems to be a snout. A motif is uncertain though it shares similarities with that of a lizard, dinosaur and dragon. It is a metallic platinum.

Cartridge Arms[]

These Cartridge Arms have fairly large shoulder-pads housing arms bent and in fists. They hold protruding long but thin daggers. These pieces are of a metallic platinum coloring.

Cartridge Foot[]

This B-Daman's Cartridge Foot use large yet basic feet concealed with foot armor like a knight's. They are a metallic platinum.

Cartridge Body[]

This Cartridge Body uses a Core donned with a thin upper Barrel like Thermal Lance's. It is the B-Daman's center and is where all its other parts connect to; as such, parts from its Cartridge Trigger latch on to it. It is metallic platinum.

Cartridge Trigger[]

Platinum Wind's Cartridge Trigger is quite long and bulky, composed of various cube and prism-like parts. They do harbor spacing meant for Cartridge Shots. The Trigger itself is black and uses a unique Trigger pad allowing one to grip it like a gun. It is metallic platinum.