The Plug-In System (PI System for short) is the third system in Super B-Daman. It had its start with March 1998's release of Battle Phoenix.


The Plug-In System is the successor to the earlier Over Shell System, featuring B-Daman that consist of five parts;

PI Frame

This part is the base where all other parts attach. It also has the Hold Parts.

PI Head

The PI Head not only provides facial features to the B-Daman, but in some cases, also has a removable hatch for loading B-Dama and attaching magazine-based accessory pieces. Attaches to the upper-most part of the PI Frame via screwdriver.

PI Arms

The PI Arms come with a pair of Philips screws for attachment and removal to the sides of the PI Frame, while also having switches to squeeze in the Hold Parts to build up pressure for increased power. It also solves the breakage issue of the arm parts in the Over Shell System that result from excessive Power Shots that are achieved from squeezing the arms in. The only exceptions to this are Nautilus Poseidon and Burning Atlas, whose PI Arms possesses no such method, with their firing methods coming from their Rotary Drive System and Vertical Shot System respectively.

PI Foot

This part attaches to the bottom of the PI Frame, and provides a means for the B-Daman to stand up.

PI Trigger

Provides a means to fire B-Dama from the B-Daman, attaching to the rear of the PI Frame in the abdominal section. 

List of B-Daman in the Plug-In System

PI Parts

PI Parts are the accessory pieces in the Plug-In System, that you can add without the need for an O.S. Gear, though it is possible to use O.S. Parts by using the P-43 OS Parts Adapter.

List of PI Parts


The Plug-In System, asides from a new series of accessory pieces, provides true customizability not previously seen in the Over Shell System.


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