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Professor Arasaki (荒崎 Arasaki) is a minor character appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman.


Arasaki is a tall but frail man in his prime. He has a wild-looking dark hair and narrow eyes. He is seen wearing a gray poncho over his clothes and a bandage around his head.


A monumental loss has been devastating to Arasaki and as a result, he wanted his honor avenged. He taught his son not to trust into anyone along with getting ultimate vengeance against the Saionji Konzern.



Arasaki, inferred to be a Professor, is the unnamed father of Kyousuke Arasaki. He only appears in Episode 45 of the anime series during Kyousuke's flashback in the elevator.

Crash B-Daman[]

Arasaki lost a battle which brought great shame to the Saionji Konzern. As a result, he and his very young son was discarded like trash in the blistering cold. Instilling hatred and vengeance upon his own son on that very fateful day. Arasaki might have died of hypothermia but his burning hatred remains in the heart and soul of his son.

Arasaki's young son, on the other hand, grew up into a wicked man whose heart is tainted by his obsession to avenge his father despite burying the man's memories. In Arasaki's name, the son would eventually destroy the Saionji Konzern as well as to try and rule the world with B-Daman along with becoming the world's greatest B-Der.


Arasaki is said to have lost a battle which proved to be devastating not just to him but to the Saionji Konzern.


  • Arasaki is only named as Kyousuke's Papa in the ending credits.