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Proto One (Japanese: プロトワン, Puroto Wan) is a recurring Accuracy/Rapid Fire-Type Zero System B-Daman in Battle B-Daman. The B-Daman was first released in Japan as the armor only, on July 17th, 2003, selling for 480円.

IBA Body and Armor

The Hasbro release of this B-Daman had a grayish IBA Body with white arms and feet.


Proto Server

The Proto Server attaches to the back of the head, adding to the B-Daman's marble capacity, by a minuscule amount.

Shoulder Armor

Each piece is differently designed from the other. The larger Shoulder Armor piece has a lip reaching down to the elbow area of the arm, in addition to the numbers 001 in red printing. The other piece is of a basic, hexagonal design, with an L-shaped extension. That piece's size is meant to give room for attaching the Target Shield.

Foot Armor

The Foot Armor is red with white line designs. It resembles a simplified version of Lightning Kahn's Foot Armor.

Target Shield

As the name suggests, it can be used for defense or target practice. Attaches to any forearm of the skeleton.

Short Barrel

Other Versions

  • Proto One Armor Clear Ver. - Tournament prize. Clear recolor.

Battle B-Daman

The only notable role of a Proto One was a purple variation that was owned by Enjyu as a child; it was used to defeat Taiju. Berkhart also used a custom variation of this B-Daman as his own.