The Random Starter 2013 Vol. 2 is the third Random Starter and the first 2013 release. Its product code is: cb-81. It released in Japan on June 22, 2013 for 1,050円.


A single Random Starter 2013 Vol. 2 box will randomly contain one of the following B-Daman:

  • Assault=Raydra: Clear blue Raydra body kit and clear white Assault core.
  • Rising=Dragren: Clear white Dragren 2 body kit with gold Emblem Shields and clear yellow Rising core.
  • Kreis=Dracyan: The "Rare" B-Daman among the possible contents of the box. Metallic/plated red Dracyan 2 body kit and clear blue Kreis core.


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