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Rave Pegasus (Japanese: レイヴペガサス, Reivu Pegasasu) is one of Kodoh Kuraki's two B-Damans, which he used in conjunction with Shade Wyvern. A Right-Spin Power Type B-Daman, it was released in Japan in March 16, 2006, selling for 903円 alongside Shade Wyvern.

Core B-Daman Block: Pegasus[]

  • Power: 3

Pegasus is white with a blue, hinged helm with three horns on it, streamlined, blue shoulder guards, and two white Hold Parts. Its gimmick that leads to its designation as a Right-Spin Power-Type, is that of a black rubber strip that allows the B-Daman to fire right-spin shots. On the left shoulder is a Joint Part for connecting with Shade Wyvern for Docking Chariot Mode.

Grip Block: Power Grip[]

  • Gear: Power

The Power Grip is dark gray with two grooves designed for comfortable handling, along with a white trigger. Instead of two gears, it has three of them in its mechanism, leading to stronger shots and a smother feel when shooting more powerful shots. Color-wise, it is a palette-swap of Shade Wyvern's Speed Grip.

Barrel Block: .67 Light Barrel[]

  • Power: 2
  • Control: 3

The .67 Light Barrel has a design like a modern revolver's barrel, and has a length that is ideal for Control Type customizations. On its sides are gradient yellow/orange stickers depicting the mythical flying horse. Shade Wyvern also features this barrel in a different color.

Other Versions[]

  • Rave Pegasus Blue Clear Ver. - Distributed at the 2006 Next-Generation World Hobby Fair. Translucent/semi-clear blue Pegasus Core B-Daman Block, semi-clear cyan Power Grip and .67 Light Barrel.
  • Rave Pegasus Hitto Custom - Exclusive to Crash B-Daman Limited Edition. Control-Type; semi-clear gray Rush Grip, red Pegasus Core B-Daman Block and semi-clear gray .67 Long Barrel with Magnum Ifrit motif.
  • Rave Pegasus Black Ver. - Black Core B-Daman Block, .67 Light Barrel, and Power Grip, with a white helm and shoulder guards.

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