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Reflect Wyvern (Japanese: リフレクトワイバーン, Rifurekuto Waibān) is a Hybrid Control/Rush-Type Synchro Weapon System B-Daman belonging to Kodoh Kuraki and the successor to Shade Wyvern. It is used alongside Shining Pegasus, and is one of the component B-Damans for Eclipse Dragon. It was released in Japan in September 2006 for 945円.

B-Daman: Wyvern 2[]

Wyvern 2 is a redesign of the original, with a new helm with blue flame designs on it. It has reddish-colored Round Hold Parts, the same kind of which used by Bal Tauros. On the helm is a socket where Shining Pegasus' fin can be attached for assembling Eclipse Dragon. In addition, it has two gray shoulder guards, each one different from the other in design. The right shoulder guard is shaped rather geometrically, somewhat like part of a octagon cut into four pieces, along with a triangular fin with a blue design on it. That piece is also part of the creation of Eclipse Dragon. Also, Shining Pegasus' Farm Bolts can be attached to the arms as part of the formation.

Barrel: .67 Rear Barrel[]

The .67 Rear Barrel is short in length with a removable iron-style sight. It is similar in nature to the .67 Foregrip Barrel in which other Barrels can be attached to it to increase its length. As a matter of fact, the .67 Rear Barrel forms part of Eclipse Dragon's .67 Unity Barrel, with its sight attached to Shining Pegasus' .67 Front Barrel.

Synchro Grip: Sun[]

Sun is a white and red Synchro Grip with an updated version of the Speed Grip's design. It features a red sub-trigger for firing Synchro Weapons

Magazine: Connect Server[]

The Connect Server is an L-shaped piece that adds to the B-Daman's base loading capacity with a feed rail like Evil Levioth's Stock Server. However, it's got two more tricks up its sleeves; One can attach the foot of the piece to the underside of the Synchro Grip for better stability on the playing field, but it can also be used to create a Double Synchro Grip in that manner, too. In the case of Eclipse Dragon, the Connect Server is used to create its Eclipse Double Synchro Grip.

Other Versions[]

  • Reflect Wyvern Gold & Clear Ver. - Gold and yellow-brown re-color in the Eclipse Dragon set.



  • The Sun and Moon Synchro Grips are the only ones not named after elements such as Fire or Thunder.