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Rhino Glaive (Japanese: ライノグレイブ, Rainogureibu) is a Control-Type DHB System B-Daman. It was the eleventh release in the DHB Series, the first sub-line in the greater Battle B-Daman series. It was released in September 2002 in Japan for 980円.

It is Tsubakura Tsubame's first B-Daman in the Battle B-Daman manga.

It was succeeded in its lineage by Rhino Cannon, and Tsubame later went on to use the line of Yokueimaru, Yokujinmaru, and Yokujinraigekimaru which do not share Rhino Glaive's design stylings or Rhinoceros theme but carry on its focus on control and initially shared its primarily-grey color scheme as well.

Special Features[]

Rhino Glaive was promoted as featuring new design in all of its parts, and possesses unique functionality in nearly every part of its body.

Its core is the "Sniper Core", a hybrid design focused on both accuracy and speed. The Sniper Core uses the same housing mold as the Long core, having an extended barrel for greater accuracy, but internally it is equipped with roller hold parts using the same mold as those of the Shooting Roller Core allowing for smooth rapid shooting.

Horns on Rhino Glaive's head and chassis line up when the canopy is shut, forming the "Double Horn", a simple iron sight system. For further control it equips the "Rhino Foot", feet parts that have a wide contact area and small claws intended to provide enhanced stability. Additionally, while not specially named, Rhino Glaive's trigger has an extra-tall contact surface for the user's finger with an angular, concave shape to allow for better push stability and the option of shooting with more than one finger.


  • Body Parts: Rhino Glaive's body kit is rhinoceros-themed, featuring a warm grey base colour with sticker highlights mostly in yellows and oranges.
  • Core: Rhino Glaive is built around the Sniper Core in sand blue, combining the longer barrel of the Long Core and the roller hold parts of the Shooting Roller Core.
  • Emblem Stones: Rhino Glaive's first Emblem Stone depicts a silver shuriken on a blue gradient background, befitting Tsubame's status as a ninja. Its second Emblem Stone is more generic, featuring the triangular DHB target logo set on a purple gradient field.


Battle B-Daman (Manga)[]

Rhino Glaive was originally Armada's B-Daman, but was given to Tsubame before he commenced a 100,000 shots test. Tsubame was eventually seen having changed B-Daman to Yokueimaru at the end of Volume 4, but the timing and reason for this change were left unexplained.



  • Rhino Glaive Black Version - Limited version featuring a black core and body parts with a clear violet pit shield


  • Unusually for the DHB Series, Rhino Glaive's stickers are metallic foil rather than glossy paper, a distinction it shares with the Cobalt Sword Special Set.
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