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Right Eagle (Japanese: ライトイーグル, Raito Iiguru) is a Control-Type Plug-In System B-Daman. It is one of the component B-Damans of Blast Griffon, alongside Left Lion, released in the Blast Griffon Set in May 1998 for 880円. It and Left Lion were the first B-Daman in the Super B-Daman anime belonging to Yoshinori Kazama AKA "Billy of the Winds".

PI Frame[]

The PI Frame of Right Eagle consists of two halves, one of which having the B-Daman's Grip Attachment-R. That half can combine with the half of Left Lion that has Grip Attachment-L to form Blast Griffon. It is of a bright yellow color, with a white helm that has a singular fin on top of the head, along with two gradient red-yellow shapes. On the tip of the fin is a simple three-striped sticker (two black stripes with a yellow between them), and a diamond-shaped emerald. On the sides of the head are two simple blue stickers, along with a pair of brown anime-eyes in the visor. It also has a pair of light green, diagonally-positioned Hold Parts known as the Slant Beak.

PI Arms[]

The PI Arms are of the same color as the PI Frame, with a basic-looking design. On the front of each shoulder guard, is a sticker depicting an eagle. Not only that, but on the right PI Arm is the Grip Attachment-R, which allows the user to hold and fire the B-Daman with his right hand while using the left hand for re-loading or using Left Lion.

PI Foot[]

The PI Foot piece of Right Eagle is white with two toes, and on each foot is a gradient red/orange sticker.

PI Trigger[]

Right Eagle uses a standard light green PI Trigger.

Super B-Daman (anime)[]





  • Both Right Eagle and its twin, Left Lion are the first B-Daman blasters in any iteration of the B-Daman anime (excluding Bakugaiden) to be able to combine into a new B-Daman.

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