Rising Dracyan
Product Code CB-72
Type Power
Price 997円
System [[{{{system}}}]]
Series Cross Fight B-Daman eS
Release Dates
Japan March 16th, 2013
English TBA
System not selected.
Power 8/10
Rapid-Fire 3/10
Control 4/10
Owner Riki Ryugasaki
First Appearance War! The B-Master Battle
Special Move(s) Rising Overdrive (Emblem Charge/Double Emblem Charge),
Extreme Dragon Overdrive (Version-Up Double Emblem Charge)
The Overflowing Azure, Rising=Dracyan!

Riki firing Dracyan's "Rising Overdrive" eCharge Shot

Rising=Dracyan (Japanese: ライジング=ドラシアン, Raijingu=Dorashian) is a Power-Type B-Daman; the upgraded form of Thunder Dracyan. It was released as part of the Emblem Charge System on March 16, 2013 in Japan for 997円.

It appears in the anime series, Cross Fight B-Daman eS owned by Riki Ryugasaki replacing Thunder Dracyan.

Body Set: Dracyan 2

Head Part: Dracyan Head 2

The Head Part of the Dracyan 2 Body Set is redesigned from the one on the original Thunder Dracyan, featuring translucent Head Armor, whose central part can be re-positioned downwards at the front of the Core Part to increase its power by building up friction. It can also be removed and placed on the Head Part of Spike=Phoenix as part of its Super Fusion.

Emblem Parts

Unlike with most Emblem Charge System B-Daman, Rising=Dracyan has a set of four Emblems instead of two. Two Emblem Parts on the shoulders of the Arm Parts, and the other two at the back of the Leg Part's feet. Should all four Emblem Parts be pressed, the user can perform a "Double Emblem Charge".

Stud Parts

This B-Daman has solid red Stud Parts.

Arm Parts: Dracyan Arm 2

They are a re-designed version of  Dracyan's Arm Parts with the upper Emblems at the front of the shoulders.

Leg Parts: Dracyan Leg 2


The Emblem Charge of the Emblem Leg Parts.

This Leg Part is a re-designed version of that on the original Thunder Dracyan, including the lower Emblem Parts.

Core Part: Rising


Close-up of Rising.

Rising takes Accele, and improves upon it to an entirely new level. This Core Part's gimmick is that of a set of Hold Parts made of rubber, including a new Drive Strip with a ridged design for a better drive spin effect than the original. By performing an Emblem Charge with the Emblem Parts on the shoulders, the upper Hold Parts can be squeezed in. The Drive Strip can be raised (hence the Core Part's name) by performing an Emblem Charge with the lower Emblems on the Leg Part. To bring out the full power of Rising, the user must perform the Double Emblem Charge by pressing all four Emblems.

Other Versions

  • Rising=Dracyan Extreme Dragon Ver. - Dracyan Version-Up Set. Semi-clear blue Body Set, semi-clear light blue Head Armor and Emblem Parts, and semi-translucent Rising Core.
  • Kreis=Dracyan Metallic Red Ver. - Random Starter 2013 Vol. 2. Metallic red Body Set, semi-translucent red Head Armor and Emblem Parts, solid yellow ;;Stud Parts, and semi-translucent blue Kreis Core.
  • Rising=Dracyan Clear Purple Ver. - Limited edition starter. Semi-translucent purple Body Set.
  • Rising=Dracyan Gold and Silver Ver. - Tournament prize for the Hong Kong Cup, gold-and-silver redeco.


Its Rising Core possesses considerable competitive value, due to its massive firing strength, which could lead to recoil. The rubber parts of the Core can wear down after multiple uses, so it would be recommended to buy more than one copy of this B-Daman. When equipped with the Magnum Arm Version-Up Parts, its firing strength would become more powerful, resulting in more recoil. To resolve it, equip the Metal Stud Parts from the Twin=Drazeros SP Set. Another issue, asides from recoil, is ease of use; the holding method for Rising=Dracyan is rather awkward, due to the inclusion of the extra Emblems on the Leg Parts. Because of this, the Double Emblem Charge is difficult to master, and if it is not stable enough, you may get weaker shots.

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TAKARA-TOMY overview of Rising=Dracyan and other products

TAKARA-TOMY overview of Rising=Dracyan and other products.


  • It was revealed in ES052 that Dracyan has a younger brother, who is partners with Tamada.
  • The only other B-Daman to have Hold Parts that are made of rubber is Battle B-Daman's Lord Cavalry, which has two rubber Hold Parts in its Hold Dial.
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