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Rising Valkyrie (Japanese: ライジングヴァルキリー, Raijing Barukirii) is a limited edition upgrade kit for Combat Phoenix. It was released in the Game Boy Limited Box Set of Bakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman Gekitan! Rising Valkyrie! for the Nintendo GameBoy Color. It is also the winning design for a contest hosted by CoroCoro Comic for the game.

NOTE: This B-Daman only comes with the EX Head and EX Core body shell, and can only be used with Combat Phoenix.

EX Head[]

The EX Head of Rising Valkyrie features a V Sight System, consisting of two small fins in the rear and a central horn, making for improved aiming ability over the original Combat Phoenix. There are two different stickers for Rising Valkyrie's visor, and whichever one applied is a matter of preference. The first visor sticker is black with green anime-eyes similar to those of Combat Phoenix, but differently designed. The second visor sticker is black with a black/gradient gray-white/green sheen, along with a green targeting system where the left eye would be. Other stickers for the EX Head include two yellow arrows on top, along with a red/yellow sticker mounted behind the central horn of the V Sight System with the red part reaching down towards the visor area. On the sides of the Head are two small, blue stickers, each with two black lines, along with red designs, and even a couple of them on the mouth area, and stickers reading "VALKYRIE", as well. On the back of the piece, and on the outward side of each rear fin of the V Sight System, are blue thin line stickers.

EX Core: Astral-β-System[]

A re-design of the original Astral System EX Core, the new Astral-β-System features a streamlined body, with the same Hold Parts and Drive Strip, and a slope shape like a Short Barrel. Of course, the Astral-β-System comes as the body only, and to complete it, you have to move the Hold Parts of the Astral System to the new body.

Mode Change: Cannon Mode[]

Cannon Mode can be achieved, simply by equipping the P-66 EX Mega Cannon Wing to the B-Daman.

Bakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman Gekitan! Rising Valkyrie![]

It was created by Dr. Tamano as a top-secret project.




  • Rising Valkyrie is named after the valkyrie warriors from Norse mythology.
  • By far, the only other B-Daman to have "Rising" in their name is Rising=Dracyan from Cross Fight B-Daman eS.

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