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B-Daman Rockman Series

Rockman.EXE B-Daman Series (ビーダマンロックマンエグゼシリーズ, Bīdamanrokkuman'eguzeshirīzu) is a B-Daman side-series that was sold only in Japan. It is based on the Rockman.EXE Axess (Megaman NT Warrior Axess) anime series.

The toyline only came with two figures:

  • RB-01 Rockman.EXE (MegaMan.EXE): Comes with the MiniBomb Battle Chip and 2 B-Dama.
  • RB-02 Blues.EXE (ProtoMan.EXE): Comes with a Sword B-Dama, one normal B-Dama, and the Vulcan1 Battle Chip.

Its firing method is achieved by pressing two buttons on the "Busters".


  • The Battle Chips also can be used in the toy PETs (PErsonal Terminal).

Battle Chip Descriptions (In Games)[]

  • Minibomb: Throws a bomb 3 squares.
  • Vulcan1: 3-shot to pierce 1 panel!