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Roller Foot
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Product Code P-04
Contents Roller feet, DHB rivets

The Roller Foot (Japanese: ローラーフット, Rooraafutto) is the fourth DHB Exclusive-Use Custom Part released in the DHB & Limited Model series. It is the first Mobility-oriented part released, comprising a pair of feet with rollers to facilitate easy side-to-side movement.

Due to being a set of DHB System body parts, the Roller Foot is only compatible with DHB cores.


Once assembled, the Roller Foot is composed entirely of a pair of foot parts, which attach to DHB core foot hardpoints using the standard DHB rivet system. Each foot contains two plastic wheels, a large treaded wheel at the back and a smaller smooth one at the front. Both are oriented to roll laterally relative to the B-Daman's facing, such that they make grounded sideways movement smoother by rolling along the play surface.


  • 2x Roller Foot components (left and right)
  • 2x DHB rivets







  • Like most DHB Exclusive-Use Custom Parts the Roller Foot includes no stickers, making it one of the few B-Daman releases to be entirely bare plastic with no additional decorations when assembled.
  • The height of the Roller Foot's wheels relative to the core is the same as that of the Stabilizer Arm, allowing the rolling functionality of both to seamlessly work together when both are equipped to the same core.
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