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Rollers have also been around for a long time in the B-Daman franchise, starting with the early days of Super B-Daman, where the toys were based on Hudson Soft's popular Bomberman video game series. They are often used for smoothening out shots, Rapid Fire bursts, and/or enhanced maneuverability.

List of B-Daman and Accessories with Rollers[]

Prod. Code Name Release Date
P-10 Super Ball Shooter Blue October 1996
P-11 Super Ball Shooter Green October 1996
P-12 Super Ball Shooter Purple October 1996
114 Battle Phoenix March 1998
N/A Ultimate Phoenix February 1999
140 Blade Orochi May 2000
115 Iron Cyclops March 1998
EX Roller Trigger 2000

Shooting Roller Core

June 2002

71 Chrome Raven
88 Chrome Raven Cyclone
N/A Wing Sword Thunder
76 King Rekuso
102 King Bakurekuso
028 Mach Garuda
CB-08 Lightning Dravise
CB-50 Drive=Garuburn
CB-51 Sonic=Dravise
CB-70/71 Mach=Sasword
CB-09 Tune-Up Gear - Metal Rev Core