Rubber strips are featured in certain B-Daman toys and accessories over the years, since the days of the mid-1990s Super B-Daman series, which came before Battle B-Daman. Most B-Daman with rubber strips are usually capable of drive shots (not to be confused with the Strike Shot), but others use their strips for firing side-spinning, back-spinning or even curving shots. NOTE: Not all strips are made of rubber per se, some are made of a soft polyoxymethylene with a consistency consistency similar to rubber.

List of B-Daman and Accessories with rubber strips

  • Go-Tiger (Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!)


B-Daman with rubber strips are must-haves, perfect for games where Power-Types are the most useful. However, they would wear down after multiple uses, so it may be wise to get multiples of the same B-Daman, depending on what model from what series one is talking about. 


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