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Ryū Akakami (Japanese: 紅(あか)神(かみ) 竜(りゅう), Akakami Ryū) is an antagonist appearing in the manga series, Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix. His B-Daman is Force=Dragren.


Ryū has the typical "bad boy" appearance. He has long spiky hair stretching up and down in curves. It exposes his large forehead as he has thin black eyebrows, slanted black eyes without pupils and what seems to be mascara; he additionally wears earrings. For his attire, Ryū wears a black neckbrace with white spikes, a black tank top and a belt supporting skinny jeans. As footwear, he dons black shoes with white laces and highlights.


Ryū is a mischievous boy judging by how he shot B-Dama at Enzi's 132 stacks of takoyaki (octopus balls). He is also competitive, challenging Enzi to a B-Daman shooting game.


Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix[]

As Enzi Hikigane was enjoying his 132 stacks of Takoyaki he gained from saving the city from giant barrels, Ryū Akakami shot B-Dama at Enzi's Takoyaki. Making his sea food fall, Enzi was shocked and confused until Ryū revealed himself and his B-Daman, Force=Dragren to Enzi. Ryu challenged Enzi to a B-DaBattle with the condition that if Ryu wins, he will have all of Enzi's Takoyaki. The challenge was a shooting game involving 50 cans on preset tables, Enzi accepted. As both B-Ders began, Ryū was fast enough to knock 49 cans already.




  • "Ryū" (竜) is a Japanese word meaning "dragon" and "Akakami" (紅神) translates to "red god" so his full name literally means "red dragon god".