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Ryūrai (Japanese: リュウライ, Ryuurai) is a B-Daman, the first Metal B-Daman product. It was released on July 14, 2007 in Japan for 525円.


As a Metal B-Daman, most of the figure is molded together except for its Helmet, Arms and its Hold Parts/Trigger; all of which are customizable. The B-Daman's bright red head uses anime-like eye stickers of green eyes, a second sclera in yellow and seemingly black eyelashes. In addition, there is a mouthplate sticker in red surrounded by black and white stripes. This head is connected to its bright red, triangular body that houses the Core and is also where the feet would also connect to. The head is a bright red in color. A feet piece resembles large foot armour with some detail aside and it is the only painted part, being black.


Ryūrai is based on a dragon due to its dragon-esque helmet. The dark red helmet offers a long snout, some tooth indents and pointed ears. On its sides are webbed horns, headset-like parts and a cylindrical horn on top to finish off the helmet. Stickers include bright red decals for its snout with black and white stripes and yellow dragon-like eyes without pupils.


These bright red arm parts bear shoulder-armor over slightly bent arms locked as fists. The shoulder-pads use striped black and white stickers whilst a black "1" sticker with a yellow outline goes on its left shoulder to signify it as the first Metal B-Daman release and B-Daman; a common trait for Metal B-Daman.

Hold Parts/Trigger[]

Unique to Metal B-Daman is the inclusion of their Hold Parts and Trigger together as a single part. Ryūrai's Trigger is black and looks akin to a normal Trigger but it connected to the back of these black Hold Parts. The Hold Parts are composed of four protrusions (two horizontal, two parallel) with each going in the directions: up, down, left, right. Essentially, one would slide this part into the back of the B-Daman's Core where it would lock into place.

Metal Shield[]

Ryūrai includes a blue Metal Shield, a square-like attachment that a Metal B-Daman's feet, arms or Core can attach to. It actually serves as a magnet to attract Metal Balls when Metal B-Daman fire them.



  • Ryūrai is a portmanteau between "ryū" (竜), a Japanese word for "dragon" and "yurai" (由来), which is a Japanese word that can mean "origin". As a result, "Ryūrai" literally means "dragon origin" which compliments both its dragon motif and how it is the first Metal B-Daman product.