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Ryota Takeuchi.

Ryota Takeuchi (Japanese: 竹内 良太, Takeuchi Ryota) is a seiyuu from Hyōgo, Japan. He is affiliated with Arts Vision.

Roles within B-Daman[]

Cross Fight B-Daman eS Afreco Interview[]

1. In the Sequel's Setting (Crest Land), what mysteries are you looking forward to? (It could be anything from B-Daman, places, people, events and so on.)

My concern is about the Road Fight.
Back in the old days (Cross Fight), players can register and then, they can get over with B-Daman fair and square! However in this one, the Road Fight feels more like a [Fight] rather than a [Match] because the two players who just met can fight immediately once agreed.

2. Amongst the B-Ders from the WBMA, who do you look forward to see battling again in the future?

A duel of darkness between Kagerou and Basara!
I really want to see them duel because it will be intense as its between Basara whose been obsessed with destroying B-Daman and Kagerou who has a backstory that involves hints of betrayal.

3. Lastly, please leave message for all B-Ders nationwide

Because of the addition of the Emblem Charge function, I think it's possible to formulate more strategies because the technical aspects are now more complicated than the previous system. It will be more fun to play this time around. From the anime, try to imitate the finisher and enjoy using it in a competition as much as you enjoy watching it in the anime.

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