Ryuichi Hoshino
Basic Information
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Age N/A
Occupation B-Daman Hunter
B-Daman Smash=Dragold (main partner)

Sonic=Dravise (as Hoshino)

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Ryuichi Hoshino (Japanese: 星野竜一 (ほしの・りゅいち), Ryuichi Hoshino) is an antagonist appearing in the manga series, Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix. His main B-Daman is Smash=Dragold.


Ryuichi wears a hooded parka with his hair protrusions resembling Dragold's wings.

Alter Ego

Humiliated by his second defeat against Enzi Hikigane, B-Daman Hunter Ryuichi Hoshino is found by Kyōji Kurokami. Kyōji gives him Sonic=Dravise and bidded him to take his revenge as well a


s to become his henchman. Ryuichi agrees and dons a new identity, going simply by the name of Hoshino. As Hoshino, he loyally works alongside Kyōji while also satisfying his fix for rare B-Daman.

In this alter ego; Hoshino has large, spiky hair pointed upwards and secured by a black headband with the letter "B" on it. He has large eyes and ears, with a light skin tone. He dons an armor of sorts in black and white alongside shoulder-pads resembling large B-Dama.



Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix


Aside from Smash=Dragold, Ryuichi possesses all four other dragon types which makes it possible for him to create the Ultimate Dragold super fusion. In the next chapter, he acquires Loading=Diles.

As Hoshino, he was given by Kyōji Kurokami a Sonic=Dravise to use as his weapon of vengeance against Enzi Hikigane.



  • "Ryuichi" (竜一) is a Japanese phrase meaning "The Number One Dragon" and "Hoshino" (星野) translates to "star field."
  • Ryuichi's way of taunting his opponents which involves laughing maniacally while sticking out his tongue is similar with that of Kyousuke Arasaki from Crash B-Daman.
  • As Hoshino; Ryuichi's face, hair and headband are very similar to Crash B-Daman's Hitto Tamaga.
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