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Ryuichi Hoshino (Japanese: 星野竜一 (ほしの・りゅいち), Ryuichi Hoshino) is an antagonist appearing in the manga series, Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix. His main B-Daman is Smash Dragold.


Ryuichi wears a hooded parka with his hair protrusions resembling Dragold's wings.

Alter Ego[]

Humiliated by his second defeat against Enzi Hikigane, B-Daman Hunter Ryuichi Hoshino is found by Kyōji Kurokami. Kyōji gives him Sonic Dravise and bidded him to take his revenge as well a



s to become his henchman. Ryuichi agrees and dons a new identity, going simply by the name of Hoshino. As Hoshino, he loyally works alongside Kyōji while also satisfying his fix for rare B-Daman.

In this alter ego; Hoshino has large, spiky hair pointed upwards and secured by a black headband with the letter "B" on it. He has large eyes and ears, with a light skin tone. He dons an armor of sorts in black and white alongside shoulder-pads resembling large B-Dama.



Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix[]


Aside from Smash Dragold, Ryuichi possesses all four other dragon types which makes it possible for him to create the Ultimate Dragold super fusion. In the next chapter, he acquires Lightning Diles.

As Hoshino, he was given by Kyōji Kurokami a Sonic Dravise to use as his weapon of vengeance against Enzi Hikigane.



  • "Ryuichi" (竜一) is a Japanese phrase meaning "The Number One Dragon" and "Hoshino" (星野) translates to "star field".
  • Ryuichi's way of taunting his opponents which involves laughing maniacally while sticking out his tongue is similar with that of Kyousuke Arasaki from Crash B-Daman.
  • As Hoshino; Ryuichi's face, hair and headband are very similar to Crash B-Daman's Hitto Tamaga.