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This article is for the manga version of Ryuji Sumeragi. For the anime counterpart, see Rudy Sumeragi".

Ryuji Sumeragi (Japanese: 皇リュウジ, Sumeragi Ryuji) is the secondary antagonist of the first half of the manga series, Cross Fight B-Daman by Makoto Mizobuchi. His B-Daman was a WBMA Proto 01 but he was manipulated into using Smash Dragold by said B-Daman.


Ryuji is a short pre-teen boy with innocent facial features. He has a short light brown hair and green eyes. He wears a white jacket with red sleeves and black collar. Underneath, he wears a light blue shirt. He also wears dark blue pants that reach up to his ankles and that which has a yellow handkerchief in its pocket. Lastly, he wears a pair of predominantly yellow sneakers.

While controlled by Smash Dragold, Ryuji's light brown hair blazed into spiky blonde and his face is devoid of any emotions.


Ryuji's personality borders in-between being fanatical towards Kakeru and at the same time, jealous of Kakeru's Dracyan. Due to his desperation for power, he was manipulated into becoming a nearly-soulless puppet of Dragold.



Cross Fight B-Daman (Manga)[]




  • Ryuji Sumeragi means "Dragon" and "Emperor" respectively.
  • Unlike in the anime, this version of the blonde Ryuji is completely helpless and fully-manipulated by Dragold since the beginning of his possession.
  • Unlike in the anime, the normal form of this version of Ryuji is not as skilled as his anime counterpart because he could only plow through eleven metal sheets while using Dracyan.