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Safety Pack (Japanese: セイフティ・パック, Seifuti Pakku) is a B-Daman component introduced in the Pen-B System.



The Safety Pack refers to the removable piece that is usually found attached at the back of the Core Part. It is attached through the Safety Pack's small round peg which is inserted in a small hole that is located just right below the trigger.

A backpack-like Safety Pack is always included with the Core Part from Pen-B System and Core Change System Starters as well as the Core Random Boosters. It is also included with the Power Mantle wherein it resembles a jetpack-like shape instead.

Some Safety Packs such as the one from the Force, Break, Twin, and Loading Cores have a lock which further secures it in place. According to the Manual, the purpose of the Safety Pack is this: "When a marble is fired, the tab always falls down to act as a stopper. It can be removed from the Core itself."

The removable Safety Pack was replaced in the Emblem Charge System with a tab which is already integrated in the pre-assembled Core Part.


B-Damans in the Hasbro version of the toyline have their Safety Packs attached to their Core Parts by a small Philips-head screw, and thus cannot be removed without a small-enough screwdriver.