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Samurai Phoenix (Japanese: 鳳凰丸, Hououmaru) is a Power-Type Zero System B-Daman that owned by Joe Tetsunosuke. It was first released in Japan in February 2004, and sold for 680円.

IBA Body and Armor

Samurai Phoenix possesses a black IBA Body with green lines on the forearms.


The Helmet features a rubber part meant to resemble a phoenix's head and wings, along with a black fin that acts as an aiming sight. It also boasts a green visor with a yellow-green sheen to it.

Burning Shoulder

The Burning Shoulder pieces are designed after the shoulder guards on samurai armor worn by the honor-bound warriors in Feudal Era Japan. Each piece reaches down to the forearms.

Flight Buckle

The Flight Buckle, which attaches to the front of the business end, is designed to resemble the frontal skirt of samurai armor. It is meant for cosmetic purposes, in keeping with the B-Daman's samurai motif.

Foot Armor

The Foot Armor are designed to look like the talons of a phoenix.

Phoenix Wings

They are mounted on the rear of the B-Daman, on either side of the trigger, and can be swiveled and plugged in the rear of the Hold Parts, squeezing them in for extra power. When not in use, the Wings can be swiveled back to a downward position.

Other Versions

Battle B-Daman

Samurai Phoenix is first seen with Joe when he is qualifying In the IBA Winners Tournament where he completes the Shoot the Gap challenge and displays Samurai Phoenix's incredible shooting power. Samurai Phoenix next displays its power, when it is able to completely match its strength with Helio Breaker when Joe faces Bull Borgnine in the Phoenix Stage. Samurai Phoenix also displays a degree of Rapid Fire abilities, when it is able to match Wing Ninja and Terry's Rapid Fire abilities. Samurai Phoenix also has a lot of control, shown when Joe is able to easily defeat Neo Shadow Alliance Soldiers. Samurai Phoenix is able to be overpowered, shown when Joe was almost defeated by a Cyborg Agent of the Neo Shadow Alliance.


  • Despite being designed after both a phoenix and samurai warriors, this B-Daman has no relation to the "Phoenix" series from Super B-Daman.
  • The Hasbro version is one of the few to come with a glass B-DaMarble rather than the plastic B-DaMarbles.