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Seijinryuu (Japanese: 聖神龍, Seijinryuu, "Sacred Spirit Dragon") is a DHB System B-Daman that is the combined form of Soujinryuu and Kouseiryuu. It was never released as a standalone product, and could only be constructed by acquiring Soujinryuu and Kouseiryuu separately and then reconfiguring their parts.

It appears in the Battle B-Daman manga, operated by the Yong Fa siblings Li and Wen.

As the combined form of the DHB blue and red dragons, it was succeeded in its lineage by the subsequent twin dragon combinations Bakuretsuryuu, Chouryuuou, and finally Chouseiryuu.

Special Features[]

As a combination of the twin dragons, Seijinryuu equips features from both of them resulting in special functionality on every part of the body.

It is built on Soujinryuu's Right Tornado Core and therefore fires right spin Tornado Shots. Its trigger is Soujinryuu's Dragon Tail Trigger allowing for rapid and powerful shooting, while its feet are Kouseiryuu's high-stability Dragon Foot parts.

Several parts of the body also use one piece from each of the two dragons, resulting in a distinctive two-toned look and sometimes creating new functionality. Seijinryuu's head bears the horns from both blue and red dragons, forming a three-pronged crest that functions as a set of short iron sights. It equips one arm from each of the dragons, both the left and right Dragon Shoulders, with the now-paired large pauldrons acting as a substantial symmetrical grip. As with the individual dragons, it features a short barrel - this time formed by one barrel side from each dragon, though the functionality is the same as the individual barrels.


  • Body Parts: Seijinryuu's body kit is formed from a subset of those from Soujinryuu and Kouseiryuu, therefore featuring a two-toned blue and red colour scheme. Due to the design concept being to combine the strongest special features, the resulting appearance is that of a bulky, armored dragon with an imposing crest of horns.
  • Core: Seijinryuu is built around Soujinryuu's Right Tornado Core, resulting in right-spinning Tornado Shots.
  • Emblem Stones: As a combination, Seijinryuu would have access to any of the four emblem stones from its component pieces: blue dragon head, red dragon head, blue geometric diamonds, and red geometric diamonds.


  • No known variants.





  • Due to Seijinryuu being constructed by combining parts from two separate kits with no standalone kit ever released, there is no official box or unique sticker sheet for it. Instead, the stickers on the parts remain in the same places from the separate forms, but like the parts themselves the stickers were designed to be visually symmetrical from the beginning to create a pleasing combination. Box imagery for Seijinryuu may be found on the back of the boxes of both Soujinryuu and Kouseiryuu, which call out the combination feature and show an image of the combined form.
  • Since Seijinryuu is formed by swapping together the "best" parts from both dragons rather than strictly combining all parts together, creating it results in "leftover" parts that can also form a complete second B-Daman, lacking the special features that were brought together in Seijinryuu. While the arms, legs, and head lack unusual functionality, this unit still has special features due to the presence of a tornado core, special trigger, and barrel parts on both dragons. Although possible to construct and fully functional, this unit has never been named or even mentioned in any B-Daman media.
  • In both Seijinryuu and later twin dragon combinations, Li Yong Fa's blue dragon has been consistently depicted as the primary or core B-Daman equipping parts from its red partner, and Li Yong Fa has been consistently depicted as the main pilot of the combined form rather than Wen.

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