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Seven Legendary B-Ders (後に7人のビーダー, Seinaru Shichin no Biida)  is the collective name for seven special individuals and the main protagonists appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman.



The Seven Legendary B-Ders are exclusive to the Anime Series of Crash B-Daman. They are seven special individuals each possessing the heart and soul of a true B-Der despite the B-Daman that they are using - be it a generic model or a special customized one. Everyone from the seven possesses a B-Daman that shines a brilliant, beautiful light which embodies their Passionate Soul.

Since times past, the Seven Legendary B-Ders have fought against the evil Saionji Corporation (which later became Saionji Konzern) to prevent the destruction of the world. The original Seven Legendary B-Ders are said to have reincarnated into the main protagonists in the series which are their descendants as well.

Since their legend is usually passed by word of mouth, the members of the Seven Legendary B-Ders differ from each individual retelling the story.

Crash B-Daman[]

Hayato Tamaga would always tell stories of the Seven Legendary B-Ders to his grandchildren, Hitto Tamaga and Nana Sendo. Nana had dreams and fantasies of being a damsel-in-distress that would be rescued by the Seven Legendary B-Ders. The two cousins would eventually grow up to realize their true destiny.

In the second half of the series, is made clear that the Saionji Konzern greatly fears the revival of the Seven Legendary B-Ders, so they create superweapons that will both net them huge profits and income, as well as to destroy the JBA and everything they stand for, as so to break the heart and soul of would-be Legendary B-Ders, rendering them unable to stop them.

In Hell Island's Sanctuary of Wyvern and Pegasus, the strange old man retold the story of the Seven Legendary B-Ders to Kodoh Kuraki. The Seven defeated the Saionji Corporation, which was, at the time, being led by Ikki Kida, the tyrant of Hell Island. Kodoh then realizes that being one of the Seven is his birthright. Later on, Ikki Kida recognizes Kodoh as one of the Seven Legendary B-Ders, much to his horror.

Hitto Tamaga gathers all seven despite the overwhelming odds and near-death of the six others. Before the final battle, Hitto witnessed the ghosts of three of the previous seven Legendary B-Ders. His grandfather, Hayato, encourages him to gather all Seven no matter what the cost.

In the end, they all emerged victorious against Kyousuke Arasaki, who stood as the last testament of the Saionji Konzern. With Kyousuke's defeat, the Saionjis and their evil ambitions are vanquished for good.

The Seven Legendary B-Ders[]

Current Roster (based on the order of appearance in the series)[]

Former Roster[]

  • Hayato Tamaga - Hitto and Nana's grandfather, Professor Tamaga's father and former wielder of Magnum Ifrit.
  • Kanbei Sanada - Jubee's grandfather and former wielder of the Bal Tauros.
  • Shuuta Tsukino - Konta's grandfather and the former wielder of the Blitz Garuda.
  • Kodoh's grandfather - Kodoh's grandfather who resembles him during the man's youth. He was the one who personally defeated Ikki Kida. It was implied throughout the series that the Strange Old Man possessing Rave Pegasus and Shade Wyvern was indeed this man.
  • Nana's Grandmother - Nana and Hitto's grandmother and Hayato's cousin who, based on her silhouette, resembles Nana. According to the strange old man, she was part of the Seven Legendary B-Ders. Nana, however, did not inherit her grandmother's status as a Legendary B-Der, and was instead suceeded by Teruma Kamioka.
  • Kaito's Grandfather
  • Jou's Grandfather