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The Shadow Alliance (Shadow in the original Japanese version) is a syndicate of evil B-DaPlayers from Battle B-Daman.


The Shadow Alliance is basically behind every evil plot in Battle B-Daman. The Shadow Alliance was established by Marda B and led by Ababa to wreak havoc upon the B-DaWorld. The Shadow Alliance is spread far across the B-DaWorld to collect rare B-Daman and recruit strong B-DaPlayers. The Shadow Alliance is shown to recruit players with force, as well as reason.

Battle B-Daman[]

The Shadow Alliance debuts as the enemies of all B-DaPlayers. The first target shown in Battle B-Daman of the Shadow Alliance is Cobalt Blade. The Shadow Alliance sends out Gray Michael Vincent to test out the power of Cobalt Blade and Yamato Delgado. The Shadow Alliance controls Gray through using his sister Liena Grace Vincent as a hostage. The Shadow Alliance is shown to harass weaker B-DaPlayers and show their power across the world, shown when Battle Crow attacks the B-Stadium. The Shadow Alliance also trains B-DaPlayers from a very young age such as Wen and Li who joined to become stronger B-DaPlayers. The Shadow Alliance would use Wen and Li to defeat Yamato and reveal the truth about Gray's allegiance to The Shadow Alliance. The Shadow Alliance craves power and notability so they sent some of their strongest B-DaPlayers to enter the IBA Winners Tournament. The Shadow Alliance entered Wen and Li Yong Fa, as well as Gray Michael Vincent and Enjyu. The Shadow Alliance leader Ababa's greatest ability is the ability to hypnotize B-DaPlayers to do his bidding, he does this to both Bull Borgnine and Liena Grace Vincent. The Shadow Alliance has spread their reach across the world but not just with B-DaPlayers they also have evil merchants like Monkey Don who ripoff poor B-DaPlayers like Berkhart for money. The Shadow Alliance also has trainers like Goldo who train worthy soldiers for the Shadow Alliance. The Shadow Alliance fails to win the tournament and loses every one of their players that entered the tournament (Gray, Wen, Li, and Enjyu) when they all chose to leave the Shadow Alliance. The Shadow Alliance plans are almost completely ruined when Cain McDonnell destroys Cobalt Blade. But their plans are set back in action with the creation of Cobalt Saber. The Shadow Alliance also collects spirits of B-DaPlayers who either stand against them or fail to stand with them like weak trainees. The Shadow Alliance still has strong members like News and Salz who go around from town to town collecting innocent people's spirits. After the defeat of News and Salz, and Ababa on the run from the B-Daman Police, Marda B disbands the Shadow Alliance and creates the Neo Shadow Alliance in its place.

Notable Members[]

Marda B created the Shadow Alliance to rule the B-DaWorld but disbanded it after News and Salz were defeated.

Ababa is chosen as the leader of the Shadow Alliance due to his abilities as a magician.

Enjyu joined the Shadow Alliance at a young age to become stronger. He became the most powerful B-DaPlayer in the Shadow Alliance. He leaves the Shadow Alliance after he becomes friends with Yamato.

The Yong Fa Brothers joined the Shadow Alliance to become stronger. They are valuable members of the Alliance because of their abilities as B-DaPlayers. They both leave the Shadow Alliance after realizing their wrongdoings.

Gray Michael Vincent was forced into the Shadow Alliance after they kidnapped his sister. After being defeated by Yamato in the IBA Winners Tournament, he leaves and frees his younger sister.

Other Members[]

Battle Crow is a member of the Shadow Alliance who attacked the B-Coliseum.

Monkey Don is a merchant of the Shadow Alliance.

Goldo is a Shadow Alliance Trainer.

News is one of the Shadow Alliance's best B-DaPlayers and they have him collect spirits of weak B-DaPlayers.

The brother of News and the cofounder of the Long Horn Brothers.

Introduced as one of the highest ranking council members of the Shadow Alliance.

Introduced as a great B-Daman thief of the Shadow Alliance.

Introduced as a great B-DaPlayer of the Shadow Alliance.

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