Shegen is a minor character in Battle B-Daman.

Basic Information
Hair Red
Eyes Black
Age 26
Occupation *Occupations
  • Former Neo Shadow Alliance Member
  • Trainer
B-Daman Custom
Japanese Voice Actor {{{JapVoice}}}
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Battle B-Daman

Shegen is a former soldier and an old friend of Sly's. He is hypnotized by Marda B and takes over the city of Wygene. When Mie, Liena, Wen, Li and Armada come to Wygene they team up with Sly who Shegen injures by using a sandtrap. Shegen captures Liena with orders from Marda B and is then challenged by Wen who is battling in Sly's place. Shegen has a large advantage in their battle due to his knowledge of the playing field, but when Wen uses his newly formed King Bakurekuso he is able to easily defeat Shegen, freeing his mind of Marda B's mind control. Shegen is seen once again, turned to stone by Biarce.


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