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Shield Giga (Japanese: シールドギガ, Shīrudogiga) is an Accuracy/Balance-Type Zero System B-Daman, and is owned by Sly. It was first released in Japan in April 2004, and sold for 680円.

IBA Body and Armor

Shield Giga comes with a dark gray IBA Body skeleton with black Zero Shoulder and Zero Feet.

Head Armor: Giga Visor

Shield Giga's helmet has a section at the front that sticks out from the visor and can potentially be used as a sight. It also has a scar on the left hand side which comes as an applicable decal to the B-Daman. The helmet has rubber ears that protrude from the back of the helmet and resemble radio antennae.

Shoulder Armor: Support Stands

Resembling rifles, these stands go from the shoulder of the B-Daman down to the floor, with short rubber tips on the ends. They are used to provide extra stability to the B-Daman.

Barrel: Giga Barrel

Resembling the barrel of a gun, Shield Giga has one of the longest accuracy barrel attachments of all B-Daman. The barrel has an extra set of rubber feet at its front end to provide extra stability for the long-range this barrel provides. This barrel dramatically improves a B-Daman's accuracy.


The Core of the skeleton features a dark-orange Basic Trigger and Basic Hold Parts and is not interchangeable.


  • Shield Giga has no foot armor pieces, and uses the bare skeleton to stand on.
  • The barrel of this B-Daman is portrayed to be much longer in the anime, and one can note many size discrepancies as the anime is inconsistent with the size of this B-Daman's barrel.

Battle B-Daman

Shield Giga is first shown to have incredible timing abilities, Accuracy and Control when Sly easily defeats Terry McScotty in the Shield Stage of the Five Field Challenges. Shield Giga is next used to battle Helio Breaker and Bull Borgnine, matching it in strength. Shield Giga is not seen again until it is completely outmatched by Mega Diabros when Sly is defeated by Biarce.