Shin is a Main Character in Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

English Voice Actor Unknown
Hair Gray (Fur)
Eyes Black
Age Ageless
Occupation Animal Guide
Non Battle Character


Shin is a talking wolf with gray fur and black eyes. Shin has a yellow marking on his forehead and even has dark grey eyebrows. Being a wolf Shin has claws a snout and sharp teeth.


Shin is the companion of Aqulas and his animal guide. He is normally calm and collected and even talks for Aqulas. Shin can sometimes become rude to others when it concerns the well being of Aqulas but is always looking out for others.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

Shin debuted along side Aqulas when they met Bull Borgnine being attacked by a B-Da Gang which Aqulas easily defeated. They befriended Bull who proceeds to refer to Shin as Fido. Shin is also frequently called "doggie" by other characters such as Liena.



  • Shin and Hokuto from Beyblade appears to have alot of traits in common such as both have similar fur collur, both talks and being eldery canines. Aswell as both have been called "doggie" by the female character who seemed to adore them.
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