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Shining Pegasus (Japanese: シャイニングペガサス, Shainingu Pegasasu) is a Balance/Power Type Synchro Weapon System B-Daman featured in Crash B-Daman, owned by Kodoh Kuraki. It is used in conjunction with Reflect Wyvern, and is one of the component B-Damans of Eclipse Dragon. It was released in Japan alongside Reflect Wyvern in Japan in September 2006 for 945円.

B-Daman: Pegasus 2[]

Pegasus 2, redesigned from the original, with a new helm with purple lightning-like designs and a removable fin. It also has two, dark-blue Balance Hold Parts, like those used by Sturm Griffon. The fin can be removed and placed on Reflect Wyvern's helm, for the transition into Eclipse Dragon.

Armor: Farm Bolts[]

Making up Pegasus' Power Type apsect, the Farm Bolts are two screw-like components attached to the elbow areas of the B-Daman equipped with them. Their gimmick; One can turn them to adjust the B-Daman's power, by squeezing in or loosening the Hold Parts as they are rotated. They can be removed and placed on Wyvern 2 for the transformation into Eclipse Dragon.

Barrel: .67 Front Barrel[]

The black .67 Front Barrel is a long piece, not unlike the .67 Light Barrel, and has red lines with blue pegasus-wing designs on either side. It also forms Eclipse Dragon's .67 Unity Barrel, when combined with Reflect Wyvern's .67 Rear Barrel, along with the latter Barrel's sight being attached to the .67 Front Barrel.  

Synchro Grip: Moon[]

Moon shares the same physical design as Sun, but with a different color scheme of black with red designs. When combined with that Synchro Grip by means of Reflect Wyvern's Connect Server, it forms Eclipse Dragon's Eclipse Double Synchro Grip.

Other Versions[]

  • Shining Pegasus Gold & Clear Ver. - Gold and yellow-brown re-color in the Eclipse Dragon set.

Crash B-Daman (anime)[]