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Shun Hyuuga [日向 シュン(ヒュウガ シュン) Hyuuga Shun] is a minor character appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman.


Shun is a boy of short stature. He has a short length tan hair and his eyes are also of the same color. He wears a light orange hoodie, a pair of light gray pants and gray shoes.


Shun is a boy whose determined and passionate to avenge his B-Daman spirit that was once belittled by the Black Horse Trio.



Shun is a competitor whose determined to prove himself worthy of being called a B-Der.

Crash B-Daman[]

Shun appears in Episode 7. He is first seen training very hard by knocking out three aluminum cans off the crate. Kodoh Kuraki is watching him from a platform. Shun's determination and the happiness that his training brings had certainly reminded Kodoh of his past as a once cheerful kid. With this, Kodoh offers to help Shun find a way to defeat Hitto Tamaga whom the former deemed as a novice player with a powerful B-Daman.

Kodoh takes Shun in an abandoned warehouse where metal rings are stored. Kodoh tosses a ring and Shun was unable to land any hits in his first run. Kodoh then gives Shun a new accessory, the Power Long Barrel which added more power to Shun's otherwise generic B-Daman. In his third run, Shun was finally able to hit all four flying rings.

With this new skill that he learned from Kodoh, Shun proceeded to challenge the Black Horse trio. He took on all of them at once in a Flying Target challenge and the three was shocked to lose to a supposed unskilled player like Shun. The three were then convinced that Shun is the player that should face Hitto in the Tournament.


Shun fought two battles and lost both. His first battle was a flashback during the Black Horse Tournament in which he failed to defeat Ginzou in the Crash Tower Challenge. His second battle was against Hitto Tamaga which involves knocking each other's floor tiles.


  • Shun is similar to the later character Rudy Sumeragi from B-Daman Crossfire. Both have brown hair, uses relatively ordinary B-Daman but despite that, they both have above average skills.