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Shuuta Tsukino [月野 周太(ツキノ シュウタ) Tsukino Shuuta] is a character appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman. He is the former owner of Blitz Garuda.


Shuuta is an elderly man with a cream-colored hair styled nearly similar to Konta. He has the same black highlights at the edges of his hair, making it resemble fox ears. He wears a white jacket, maroon turtleneck shirt, navy blue pants and black boots.

During his preteen years, Shuuta is the mirror image of his grandson except that he wears a different set of clothes. He wears a short sleeved navy blue shirt with yellow buttons over a long sleeved white undershirt, an orange scarf, black shorts and orange boots. Shuuta notably carries a blue sling bag with the trademark fox tail appendage, suggesting that he imparted the same reloading technique to Konta.


Shuuta is a caring person as evidenced in Konta's flashback and Hitto's vision. In Konta's flashback, Shuuta is seen trying his best to cheer up Konta and empower the boy whose downed by his sister. In Hitto's vision, Shuuta went back to Kanbei's side to help him and Hayato recover. To Shuuta, what matters the most is that his friends and loved ones are all happy.



Shuuta Tsukino is the grandfather of Konta Tsukino and is one of the former Seven Legendary B-Ders. He resembles his Grandson during his preteen years.

Crash B-Daman[]

In Episode 27; the elderly Shuuta gave his Blitz Garuda to his grandson, Konta, in order to cheer him up. This gave Konta enough strength to overcome Sabu's traps.

In the final episode, Hitto sees a glimpse of a younger Shuuta reporting the situation of battle to fellow Legendary B-Ders Hayato Tamaga and Kanbei Sanada. Shuuta greatly resembles Konta in terms of looks and voice, causing Hitto to mistake him for his friend. Hayato and Shuuta then help the injured Kanbei to stand up and the three of them vanish into the horizon.


Shuuta is one of the previous Seven Legendary B-Ders. He and his friends won the great battle against the Saionji Corporation.


His name is a pun on the word "Shooter" which is pronounced as "Shuuta" in Japanese.