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Sight Shield & Attack Point
Saitoshiirudo & Atakkupointo
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Product Code P-01
Contents Sight Shield, Attack Point, rivets, Legend Stones

The Sight Shield & Attack Point (Japanese: サイトシールド&アタックポイント, Saitoshiirudo & Atakkupointo) is the first DHB Exclusive-Use Custom Part released in the DHB & Limited Model series. It is the foundational equipment for DHB matches, as it enables the reactive-target mechanism on DHB System B-Daman.

As the enabling equipment for Direct Hit Battle gameplay, it would be succeeded by the DHB Armor, DHB Core, DHB Advance Core, and finally the DHB Unit.


The Sight Shield & Attack Point comprises two parts, each with a mechanical function that work together to activate the reactive target feature on the DHB System B-Daman equipping the parts.

The Sight Shield is a clear plastic shield with a moulded viewing reticle, intended to block marbles from bouncing up off the playfield. It features features a spring-loaded rod that presses against a projection behind the hinge of the B-Daman's canopy. If the canopy is unlatched, the rod will press against the canopy, snapping it open and actuating the flipper that ejects any Legend Stone equipped under the canopy. An internal piece is also displaced by this motion which prevents B-Daman from being properly passed through the hold parts, disabling the B-Daman's shooting capability until the canopy is closed and latched again. As a secondary feature, the Sight Shield also features storage and display spots for up to six Legend Stones.

The Attack Point is a housing with a wide target that snaps onto the front of the B-Daman below its barrel. The target has a projection behind it that presses against the B-Daman's spring-loaded canopy-unlocking button, thereby unlatching the canopy when the target is struck with sufficient force - such as by a launched B-Dama.

By equipping both at once, Direct Hit Battle play is enabled by making the B-Daman vulnerable to strikes against the Attack Point target, which pop open its canopy, eject its Legend Stone, and disable its shooting ability. Basic DHB play is thus arranged by each participant equipping a Sight Shield & Attack point.


  • Sight Shield + 2 clear rivets
  • Attack Point housing & target + 2 grey rivets
  • 2x Legend Stones



  • The sticker sheet for the Sight Shield & Attack Point includes four Legend Stone stickers, but the set only includes two plastic Legend Stones. However, the Stones themselves are double-sided, and so it is possible to use all four stickers if desired by applying one to each side of both stones.
  • The wrench tool used to lock and unlock DHB System Rivets is also shaped to be used for removing Legend Stones from their storage spots in the Sight Shield, simply by pushing them out from the rear through a hollow slot intended for this purpose.
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