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Skull Dragon is a game exclusive B-Daman from the Battle B-Daman video game.

Skull Dragon

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Battle B-Daman (video game)[]

Skull Dragon is a horrific B-Daman that can feed on the B-DaSpirits of B-DaPlayers.

it is first mentioned by Alan to Yamato after he gave the last Cobalt Blade part to Yamato, after Yamato and Goblin tie in the final elimination round of Block M of the IBA Winners Tournament and must have a rematch from their first encounter in the B-Coliseum in Galetoon to see who advances to the Final Round it is revealed that his B-Daman is named Skull Dragon, after Yamato defeats Goblin it is revealed that he really was Pete, Karen's brother, and Alan reveals that the Skull Dragon that Goblin was using was Skull Dragon Slave, a duplicate of himself created by the real Skull Dragon, and that he entered the Tournament to defeat Skull Dragon with his B-Daman Thermal Lance with it's sacred power, if Yamato goes to Arena A after that Alan says that Skull Dragon uses the power of darkness to attack and his Thermal Lance uses the power of light making Thermal Lance the only B-Daman that can truly defeat Skull Dragon, after Yamato wins the Tournament Death appears to claim Yamato's B-DaSpirit, after the B-DaBattle Skull Dragon cracks but to everyone's surprise (except Alan's) Skull Dragon repaired itself, after the encourage of everyone in the Winners Dome Alan's Thermal Lance begins to glow transferring it's sacred power to Cobalt Saber, after their second B-DaBattle Skull Dragon breaks completely for good this time and all of the souls of it's victims, including Pete, are released, Death is revealed to be Alan's Father who guarded the Skull Dragon seal but was used as a soulless puppet by a group who plotted the resurrection of Skull Dragon




Skull Dragon shares some similarities with Disguise:

  • Both are game exclusive B-Damans (Skull Dragon is exclusive to the Battle B-Daman video game and Disguise is exclusive to the Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! video game.)
  • Both were used by the main antagonist of their respective games (Death used Skull Dragon in the Battle B-Daman video game and Badmada and Joker used Disguise in the Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! video game.)
  • Both have a pure version that Yamato gets (Spirit Dragon, Skull Dragon's pure version and Blizzard, Disguise's pure version.)
  • Both are destroyed by Yamato with a new B-Daman that Armada gave him (Skull Dragon was destroyed by Cobalt Saber with Thermal Lance's sacred power and Disguise was destroyed by Cobalt Blaster.)
  • Both can be acquired if all other B-Daman parts are acquired.