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Slot=Dravise is a Control Type B-Daman. It was released in the Random Starter 2013 Vol. 1

Body Set: Dravise 2[]

Head Part: Dravise Head 2[]

Slot Dravise's Head Part is essentially an upgraded version of its predecessor's Head Part. Firstly, it has been given extra details and designs which cause it to appear slimmer and taller, yet it still manages to deliver the original Rev=Dravise look. The original horn is now higher and straighter; even having the ability to be pushed forward, for a mode change into "Sonic Mode" in order to better hold the figure. This allows you to aim precisely which benefits this Rapid-Fire type B-Daman which would usually go out of control with too much B-Dama. Also in doing this, the horn allows for more precise rapid-fire shooting. The two other horns are slightly longer with better detail added onto them with improved decals of amber, along with a black decal for extra eyes. Also, it gives off the impression that the Head Part is somewhat of a helmet. Wearing this "helmet", is the face of Slot Dravise with its yellow and orange like eyes and a silver backing. The small spiked protrusions that were near the eyes have become bigger and finally, Slot Dravise seems to have been given a longer chin and some impression of a mouth.


Emblem Parts[]

Slot Dravise's Emblem Parts are a black pair of diamond-shaped pads encrypted with a stylized marking of the Legendary White Dragon, Dravise itself.

When pressed down, these emblems add extra firing strength to Slot Dravise's Core Part and as of which, provides exceeding Rapid Fire aptitude while straightening out the shots

Stud Parts[]

Sonic Dravise's Stud Parts are circular solid amber studs with a triangular-designed hole in them.

Arm Parts[]

Slot Dravise's Arm Parts are some upgraded variants of Lightning Dravise's. Slot's are more sleeker and curved, as opposed to Rev's bulked and basic design. Though the curved spikes from Lightning Dravise have changed to become more linear as well as having two small holes beside them to fit Slot Dravise's Emblem Parts. Other than that, the arms are yellow with amber decals.

Leg Part: B-Dama Leg[]

Slot Dravise's Leg Parts resemble upgraded formations of Rev's Leg Parts. Basically yellow, the feet have now become larger and bulkier than before, mainly due to the ability to accommodate B-Dama. This is part of a gimmick where these spheres or "B-Dama Rollers", rather, give the B-Daman better mobility when it is sliding. This allows it to go side to side, foward, and back. Amber decals are once again showcased.

Core Part: Slot[]

The Slot Core is predominately amber with clear Hold Parts and a Trigger. It is mainly used for Control Types to improve accuracy and overall Control. This Core Part also features an Under-Stroke Rail on the bottom that prevents the trigger from wobbling when pressed.This is the core of Slot Stinger but recolored.