Solar Rekuso
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Product Code N/A
Type Rapid Fire
Price $6.99 USD (U.S.)
System Zero System
Series Battle B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan None
English 2005
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Skeleton IBA Body
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Rapid-Fire {{{rapidfirestat}}}
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Owner N/A
First Appearance N/A
Special Move(s) N/A
Solar Rekuso is a Rapid Fire-Type B-Daman in the Zero System. It is a Hasbro-exclusive variant of Rekuso, released in 2005.

Skeleton and Armor

Solar Rekuso features a bright yellow IBA Body.

Head Armor and Visor: Maw Helmet and Level Sight

The Maw Helmet is an armor component based on the appearance of an oriental dragon. Like the original Rekuso, it features the V-shaped Level Sight, which can be used for aiming.

Shoulder Armor: Dragon Shoulders

The Dragon Shoulders are a pair of stylized, segmented shoulder guards, and are more likely for cosmetic purposes.

Foot Armor: Dragon Foot

The Dragon Foot pieces resemble dragon-like toes with sharp nails. Due to their design, they are elongated which can provide additional frontal stability.

Heel Armor: Dragon Claw

The Dragon Claw is a pair of stabilizers that extending backwards to stabilize the B-Daman for supporting fully loaded Magazine Armor pieces.

Magazine Armor: Dragon Magazine

The Dragon Magazine is a segmented unit that allows the B-Daman to hold up to 6 marbles, four more than the base loading capacity.


As with any Zero System B-Daman, the Core on its skeleton cannot be removed, and is molded in. It has a black Basic Trigger and Basic Hold Parts.



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