Sonic Kahn
Product Code N/A
Type Power
Price $6.99 (US)
System Zero System
Series Battle B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan None
English N/A
Armor Sonic Kahn
Skeleton Red/Cyan IBA Body
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Sonic Kahn is a Hasbro-exclusive variant of Lightning Kahn. It was released internationally between 2005-2006, selling for $6.99 USD.

IBA Body

Sonic Kahn uses a red IBA Body with cyan arms and feet.

Kahn Visor

The Kahn Visor consists of a light blue visor complimenting a Helmet with three prominent protrusions, the central one having a rubber fin on the back.

Shoulder Armor

Each piece of Shoulder Armor has a rubber wing to allow the user to hold the B-Daman better. On the front of the left shoulder is red lightning bolt with a light blue outline.

When Hasbro released this B-Daman, they used softer rubber.

Kahn Foot

The Kahn Foot pieces each feature a single triangular claw for forward stability.

Power Buckle

The purpose of this Chest Armor piece is to squeeze in the Hold Parts, increasing the B-Daman's power, similar to Helio Breaker's Power Arms.


The irremovable Core is red with light blue Hold Parts and trigger.

Power Buckle breakage issue

The Power Buckle is brittle and can be broken over time with repetitive use. It was not properly designed to sustain the full impact of the Hold Part's elastic potential energy conversion to kinetic energy in the B-Dama, resulting in this breakage issue.



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