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Special B-Daman (B) is the concept name given to one of the "Special B-Daman" prototypes of the Emblem Charge System. Two others exist, Special B-Daman (A) and Special B-Daman (C), with the former becoming Spike=Phoenix.

It is based on the Cobalt B-Damans of Battle B-Daman, primarily Cobalt Sword, Cobalt Saber and Cobalt Saber Fire.

Body Set[]

Head Part[]

This Head Part's most notorious feature is its long horn resembling a blade. It also appears to have a helmet due to its armored spiked fins on both sides of its face. While most of it is in blue (including the horn and helmet), it bears a green visor and a silver mouthpiece. A white sticker with a red stripe is also on the horn.

Arm Parts[]

Similar to the Dracyan Arms, these Arms are designed with shoulder pads and curved arms locked in fists. It is mainly blue with secondary gray for its arms and hands. White decals like the one on its Head's horn are placed on the shoulder guards.

Wing Parts[]

A pair of large, red wings mounted behind the Arm Parts, consisting of two thick spikes jutting upward whilst three smaller ones face down. They are based on the Saber Wing. If being based on the Cobalt series were to indicate anything, these Wing Parts

Stud Parts[]

This B-Daman uses dark orange Studs.

Leg Part[]

The Leg Part is similar to the Dragren Leg 2 in that its feet are long and pointed, while also taking cues from the Cobalt Foot. These parts are also blue and use the white and orange stickers.


The Core Part of this B-Daman greatly resembles the Accele Core as they both share the same Core mold with very similar Hold Parts and Drive Strip. The Core itself is a gray but the Hold Parts are a bright orange with a black Drive Strip like the one Accele carries.


  • This B-Daman's main blue colour scheme homages Cobalt Sword, the first Cobalt B-Daman who was primarily in blue.