Special B-Daman (C)
Product Code N/A
Type N/A
Price N/A
System Emblem Charge System
Series B-Daman Fireblast
Release Dates
Japan N/A
English N/A
Body Set N/A
Core Part N/A
Power N/A
Rapid-Fire N/A
Control N/A
Owner N/A
First Appearance N/A
Special Move(s) N/A

Special B-Daman (C) is a concept name given to one of the three "Special B-Daman" prototype designs of the Emblem Charge System. The other two are Special B-Daman (A) and Special B-Daman (B), the former of which having become Spike=Phoenix.

It is based on the "Ifrit" B-Damans from Crash B-Daman.

Body Set

Head Part

The Head Part has two promiment protrusions spiking backwards and upwards, with a segmented kind of an appearance, with red-and-gray-bordered segments, making it look somewhat like a knight. Also, there is a shield-shaped crest with the symbol seen on Magnum Ifrit's helm, along with yellow eyes with slit irises, and a red mouthpiece area with a gray chin like protrusion.

Stud Parts

(C) has whitish-gray Stud Parts.

Arm Parts

Special B-Daman (C) has two red Arm Parts, each with a gray shoulder guard with a pipe-like bar. On the left shoulder is a grip handle designed after Magnum Ifrit's Trigger Grip A, except with no trigger. On the right shoulder is a black piece that could possibly be a barrel that can be removed and attached to the front of the Core Part. On this component is "67 Ifrit" in white text.

Leg Part

This B-Daman's Leg Part consists of two, lengthy red feet with yellow tips and white pipe-like bars, referencing the feet of the B-Damans from Crash B-Daman.

Core Part

Special B-Daman (C) has a red Core Part in the classic Delta style not unlike Accele, Drive, and Spike, with white Hold Parts ending in prominent spear-like tips, and a black rubber strip for drive shots.



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