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Stag Sphinx (Japanese: スタッグスフィンクス, Sutagu Sufinkusu) is a Control-Type Over Shell System B-Daman. It was released in July 1997 in Japan for 780円. It was Cerer's second B-Daman in the Super B-Daman anime. 

Head Gear[]

The Head Gear boasts a gold-plated Horn Trigger, which the user can push down to fire B-Dama. On the back of the Head Gear itself is a goldenrod-colored removable hatch that allows for the attachment of magazine-based OS Parts. In the hatch, pieces called Power Chips can be added or removed to adjust the power level of the B-Daman's shots. On the forehead, and just for show, is a golden, tiara-like piece with a pentagonal ruby in its center, giving an impression of a female pharaoh. It has a light green visor with bluish, feminine eyes on it. There are also small yellow designs on either side of the facial area, in addition to a blue and gold design on the neck area. On the inside of the Head, is the B-Daman's Hold Dial, which has three Hold Parts, one of which being made of rubber.

Side Arms[]

The Side Arms are white, with a gold-plated gauntlet on each hand. Extending forward from each shoulder is a white protrusion with a red vent rimmed with black, yellow, and blue all in the order. These protrusions, because of their design, also give the impression of Hold Parts, when the actual Hold Parts are in the head.

Feet Part[]

The Feet Part is also relatively basic, with no real gimmick, coming in colors of white, gold-plate, and goldenrod.

System Core[]

The firing mechanism of the System Core is actually located in the Head Gear, where the Hold Dial is positioned downwards. This part can be rotated in 45-degree increments for four different firing modes; drive, back-spin, and left- or right-curving shots. Also, on the B-Daman's posterior region is a gold-plated Touchdown Controller, which affects how quickly the spin effects of fired B-Dama occur when launched with the Horn Trigger. The business end of the System Core, however, is not compatible with barrel-type O.S. Parts, due to the protrusions from the shoulders of the Side Arms.

Other Versions[]

  • Stag Sphinx Clear Ver. - Exclusive to the Super B-Daman Special Set.
  • Stag Sphinx Limted Clear Ver. - Limited edition.
  • Spin Wizard - Battle B-Daman Limited series re-release

Super B-Daman (anime)[]





  • The sphinx is an ancient Egyptian monument, with the body of a lion and the head of a man, or in Super B-Daman's case, a woman, considering Stag Sphinx's owner being a girl.
  • A stag is a term for a male deer. It is also used to refer to beetles with horn-like jaws, which leads to the Horn Trigger.

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