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The Strange Old Man [変なお爺さん Hen na Ojiisan] otherwise known as [ くらき Kuraki] is a supporting character appearing from the anime series Crash B-Daman. He is the former owner of Rave Pegasus and Shade Wyvern


The Strange Old man is a white-haired man of short stature. He has thick white eyebrows, white beard and his nose has noticeable scars. He wears chinese-style clothes consisting of a vermillion-colored top with yellow linings and tophat of the same color; long white sleeves and yellow pants. Finally, he wears a pair of black Japanese style slippers.

According to Ikki Kida, whose horrified with the sight of Kodoh Kuraki; the strange old man used to be tall, slender and handsome just like Kodoh. However, like his former comrades, he wore slightly different clothes at that time.


As his monicker implies, this old man acts weird and speaks cryptically. He also loves to laugh a lot. Despite his old age, he is very optimistic and definitely very wise.



Crash B-Daman[]

The Strange Old Man, as Hitto and friends called him, makes his debut in the eighth episode when Hitto, Konta and Nana went to see the temple bazaar where old B-Daman are being sold.

According to the Strange Old Man, Pegasus and Wyvern spoke to him and asked him to find his successor.

When Teruma Kamioka and Kodoh Kuraki had a stand-off regarding the ownership of the two old B-Daman, the old man arranged a challenge for them but did not made the objective clear. He cryptically told them that he wants to eat apples. The old man then created illusions that impend both competitors along their way, exhibiting this man's sorcerer powers.

After Kodoh won the challenge and got off with the two B-Daman; the strange old man vanishes much to the surprise of Hitto and friends.

The old man returns in the Hell Island Arc, guiding Kodoh into the temple of Pegasus and Wyvern. He appears ephemeral to everyone including Kodoh to whom he imparted words of wisdom.

It is strongly implied throughout the series that the Strange Old Man is the estranged grandfather of Kodoh Kuraki. However, his given name was never disclosed. Even so, this man was indeed one of the former Seven Legendary B-Ders and he was the one who personally defeated Ikki Kida in a duel.

Also, this man might be the only one of the Seven Legendary B-Ders to still be alive by the time the series take place unless he is only a vision that Hitto and the others can see.


In the past, Kuraki won the duel against Ikki Kida and along with his fellow Legendary B-Ders, they defeated the Saionji Corporation.