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No escape, Strike Eagle!

Yuki, firing Avian's super shot

Strike Avian (Japanese: ステア=イグル, Sutea=Iguru, Steer=Eagle) is a Control-Type Core Change System B-Daman. It was first released in Japan on May 21, 2011 and was released internationally on August 1, 2013.

Strike Avian appears in the anime and manga series, B-Daman Crossfire owned by Yuki Washimura. In Cross Fight B-Daman eS, it was upgraded to Across Avian.

Body Set: Avian (Eagle)

Head Part: Avian Head

The head has an eagle motif. On the top of its head is a small space where it leads to the top of the beak on the B-Daman. That space is used as a sight to line up the targets. The Takara-Tomy version of this Head Part has the CBC number 017.

Stud Parts

The Stud Parts are yellow.

Arm Parts: Avian Arms

The arms are basic, but have a grip. The arms also have a wing-like motif to represent the eagle.

Leg Part: Avian Legs

The legs have claws to represent an eagle's. On the bottom of the legs there are three holes where you can place three rubber seals to give this B-Daman more grip. The other B-Daman's legs each have one hole on the bottom for only one rubber seal.

Core Part: Steer

The Steer Core includes the Targeting Fins which is a Trigger pad exclusive to and molded onto it. Its horizontal shape allows one to shoot with better force in making it as straight as possible. However, its Hold Parts suffer a problem that Spin also does, where sometimes the marble won't fire straight (sometimes upward) so pushing down on the Trigger compensates for that. Takara-Tomy's version of this Core Part has the CBC number 092.

Product Differences

Hasbro's Strike Avian differs with Takara Tomy and Sonokong's Strike Avian in some aspects. The Avian Head turned from white and orange to white and blue, and the eye decals turned from green to yellow. The Avian Arms altered the white and orange stickers to become white and blue while adding blue stickers to its shoulder spikes; the orange and white fist stickers were removed. The Avian Legs removed all white and orange decals.

The prototype of Hasbro's Strike Avian boasted a brighter orange hue.

Other Versions


  • This is the only Precision type in the Crossfire toyline to have a pad in a trigger.

B-Daman Crossfire

Strike Avian debuts alongside Yuki and uses its accuracy to score second place in Crossfire.