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Tear it apart, Strike Cobra!

Reggie firing his B-Daman's "Venom Bite" Super shot.

Strike Cobra (Japanese: ストローク=オロチ, Suturoku=Orochi, Stroke=Orochi) (Korean: 스트로크 = 코브라, Stroke=Cobra, for the SonoKong release) is a Control-Type Core Change System B-Daman. It was first released in Japan in 2011, and was released internationally on August 1, 2013 along with the True Aim Barrel.

Body Set: Cobra (Orochi)[]

Head Part: Cobra/Orochi Head[]

Cobra's Head Part is in the shape of a cobra's head, with a scaly greenish coloration, two black and yellow snake eye designs with a sinister glint in each eye, and a red visor in the cobra's mouth.

Arm Parts: Cobra/Orochi Arms[]

The Arm Parts are fashioned like a cobra's hoods, as well.

Stud Parts[]

The B-Daman's Stud Parts are of a bright orange coloration.

Leg Part: Cobra/Orochi Leg[]

The Leg Part is humanoid in design, but with the motif of snake coils, and also has pull-out sections that can act like stabilizers, to change the B-Daman to Sniper Mode.

Core Part: Stroke[]

The Stroke Core Part has the same generic body shell design as certain other B-Daman in the Core Change System, with two orange Hold Parts ending in spaded tips like snake heads. However, this Core Part was named Stroke for two reasons; it features a short-stroke trigger that can be pressed rapidly for faster shooting, and a stroke rail to prevent the trigger from wobbling.

B-Daman Crossfire[]

Strike Cobra was first used by Reggie Mak to set the time for a Crossfire Challenge. Reggie was able to use Cobra's control to knock away most of the row then showed off by using his "Venom Bite" technique to knock over the final pin.


  • Strike Cobra is based on the eight-headed serpent from Shinto mythology, the Yamata-no-Orochi, but the B-Daman's B-Animal is in the form of a cobra, rather than an eight-headed serpentine monster. 
  • As a matter of fact, the SonoKong version of this B-Daman is called Stroke=Cobra, along with Hasbro's renaming it Strike Cobra, for obvious reasons.
  • It is the first known B-Daman in B-Daman Crossfire by far to feature a Sniper Mode, with Strike Dragren, Smash Dragold, and Kreis Raydra coming thereafter.
  • Its Stroke Rail gimmick carries over to Slot Stinger in B-Daman Fireblast; however, it uses a flat base which doubles as a stabilizer rather than a rail that the trigger is attached to.
  • The version of the Lock-On Barrel included with Hasbro's Strike Cobra is caste entirely in opaque rust-brown plastic, making the crosshairs and rangefinder sights unusable. However, it can still be used as an iron sights despite this. A later individual release of the Lock On Barrel was retooled to have a cutout equivalent so that the crosshairs could be used.