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Sturm Griffon (Japanese: シュトロムグリフォン, Shutoromugurifon) is a Balance Type B-Daman in the 3 Block Gear System owned by Teruma Kamioka in Crash B-Daman. It was released in Japan on January 19th, 2006, and sold for 840円.

Core B-Daman Block: Griffon[]

  • Power: 1

Griffon features Hold Parts shaped like those of Shade Wyvern and Rave Pegasus. but are gimmickless, making them relatively generic, ideal for a Balance Type.

Barrel Block: .67 Power Short Barrel[]

  • Power: 4
  • Control: 1

A variant of the .67 Short Barrel, this component is designed for stronger shots than the original, while still compromising on control as before.

Grip Block: Trigger Grip D []

  • Gear: Normal
  • Cover: Line

Sturm Griffon's Trigger Grip D features Cover Parts that have a ridged texture to them. It is purple with dark blue Cover Parts and trigger.

Magazine: Short Magazine Server[]

  • Rapid Fire: 2
  • Loading: 3

This part adds to the B-Daman's base loading capacity, not unlike the Loading Magazine, but by a small amount. You can load up to 5 marbles, which is basically 1 more than normal capacity provided by the Trigger rail. But this magazine server makes it a lot easier to load up marbles, and it fixes the problem where marbles could jump out when firing.


Sturm Griffon is a good starter Crash B-daman to get for the first time for the Barrel Part and Magazine part. While it doesn't boast anything that stood out, The core makes an accurate and easy shots with the Balance hold parts, while Power Short Barrel increases the power, and Short Magazine highly improves ease of loading marbles, and it doesn't clash with S.W.S Trigger grips.

And if you plan to get it for the parts, Power Short Barrel is by no means outclassed by any other Barrel in the toyline so it's a good upgrade to have. Not even to Power Long Barrel.

Short Magazine Server while it doesn't compare in load count, it has its niche in the ease of reloading the marble, which in a way makes it one of the best part to have. The only part that outclasses this part is probably Adapter Server, as it allows the use of Battle B-daman magazines, only if you have access to Battle B-daman Magazines.