Subaru Shirogane (Manga)
Manga Subaru
Basic Information
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Blue
Age Unknown
Occupation B-Der
B-Daman Rev=Dravise
Japanese Voice Actor N/A
English Voice Actor N/A

This article is for the manga version of Subaru Shirogane. For their anime counterpart, see Subaru Shirogane.

Subaru Shirogane (Japanese: 白銀スバル, Shirogane Subaru) is the secondary protagonist of the manga series, Cross Fight B-Daman by Makoto Mizobuchi. His B-Daman is Rev=Dravise which was then upgraded to Sonic=Dravise during the second half of the manga.


Subaru is boy with dark blue hair and blue eyes. His hair is in a small ponytail and the back end seems to be a black highlight. He wears a black ascot that tucks inside of his shirt and a golden button vest with rolled sleeves. He wears black gloves and black armband on his right arm. Underneath his vest he wears a purple shirt. He wears large white pants and black/gray boots.


Subaru's initial personality is a devil-may-care introvert who slowly became fascinated with Kakeru's skills. After his defeat against Kakeru in the Break Bomber Championships, he warmed up to him.



Cross Fight B-Daman (Manga)




- Subaru Shirogane means "Pleiades" and "Platinum" respectively.

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