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Super B-Daman Gold (Japanese: スーパービーダマンゴールド, Sūpābīdamangōrudo), also known as Gold B-Daman (Japanese: ゴールドビーダマン, Gōrudobīdaman) for short, is an OS B-Daman that appears only in the Super B-Daman anime, and was never released in the toyline. It is owned by Cerer.

Head Gear[]

Gold's Head Gear has a modified version of the standard design, with a trigger that, when pressed, pushes the B-Dama through the Hold Dial. It also has a green visor with feminine eyes.

Side Arms[]

Has the standard Side Arms, but in a shiny, golden coloration.

Feet Part[]

The Feet Part is the same as those found on any ordinary OS B-Daman but in an brilliant golden color.

System Core[]

The System Core features a Hold Dial in the chest area, and it can be rotated for different firing modes; back-spin, drive, or curving shots. 

Super B-Daman (anime)[]




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